An affluent city neighborhood, Gardens is populated largely by young professionals. Gardens has numerous restaurants, cafés, hotels, and shops, as well as many beautiful homes. Main thoroughfares like Kloof Street are packed with funky boutiques and are pleasant to stroll and explore. Once the beginning of central Cape Town’s residential area heading from the Company’s Garden up toward Table Mountain, Gardens has increasingly merged with "town" as the number of cafés and restaurants here has grown, making it a popular place both to stay and explore, both day and night.


Mount Nelson Hotel

Government Avenue ends opposite the impressive gateway to the Mount Nelson Hotel, complete with two pith-helmeted gatekeepers. The Nellie, as…

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Cape Town Holocaust Centre

The center is both a memorial to the 6 million Jews and other victims who were killed during the Holocaust…

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South African Jewish Museum

Housed in the Old Synagogue—South Africa's first synagogue, built in 1863—this museum lies adjacent to the Cape Town Holocaust Centre…

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