French Polynesia: Beyond the Postcard

07/17/2019 through 05/09/2020
07/17/2019 through 05/21/2020
Lindblad Expeditions
National Geographic Orion

French Polynesia: Beyond the Postcard

Discover the authentic culture behind the infinite blue and green beauty
Venture to the heart of Polynesian culture and wildness on this highly immersive French Polynesia vacation where options abound. Choose to kayak, stand-up paddleboard, or take a bike ride for independent exploration and to connect with these people and islands on a personal level. Explore the historic ceremonial site, called a marae, on Raiatea where Polynesian seafarers would begin their bold expeditions sailing into the unknown—expeditions that would eventually lead to populating Hawaii and New Zealand. Sail among some of the 80 atolls of the Tuamotu Archipelago, a string of tiny islands in an azure sea that hides thriving reefs we’ll explore while scuba diving and snorkeling.


  • Visit one of the most important cultural sites in the Polynesian world and a recently named UNESCO World Heritage site, Marae Taputapuatea.
  • Snorkel or dive some of the healthiest reefs of the Pacific in the Tuamotu Archipelago.
  • Learn stand-up paddle boarding in gorgeous turquoise lagoons.
  • Watch on deck as National Geographic Orion navigates Tiputa Pass into the lagoon at Rangiroa, one of the largest atolls in the world.


Day 1 Depart U.S.
Day 2 Papeete, French Polynesia/Embark
Day 3 Bora Bora, Society Islands
Day 4 Ra’iatea/Tahaa
Day 5 Huahine
Day 6-7 Tuamotu Archipelago
Day 8 Rangiroa
Day 9-10 Rangiroa/Disembark/Papeete/Home

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