Do You Really Need Rental Car Insurance? Or Is It a Huge Waste of Money?

Rental car insurance doesn’t have to be the mysterious threat we make it out to be.

If you’ve ever rented a car, you know that inevitable moment when the rental car associate begins to pressure you to sign up for all the different kinds of insurance. Should you sign it? Rental car insurance used to feel like a lose-lose situation. It was that expensive add-on that made me feel duped when I signed up for it and anxious when I didn’t. Having had my fair share of disastrous rental car experiences, I am now one of those people who reads all the terms and conditions before signing waivers. If you’re wondering whether or not you should buy the car insurance from the rental car company, let these 10 points be your guide (but not your legal advice).

10 Places That Exist Because of the New Deal

Explore the continued legacy of the programs that helped lift America out of the Great Depression.

When the United States was reeling from the Great Depression of the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt put forth a series of federally funded programs, reforms, and policies tasked with putting the country on the road to recovery. Some of the most visible legacies are the places and works of art that wouldn’t have existed without funding from agencies that were created to provide skilled workers and artisans with employment. These projects not only helped mitigate the Great Depression, but they continue to be important parts of the country’s communities and infrastructure almost 100 years later.

Want to Move Abroad? These 10 Things Will Make It Less Intimidating

With some careful planning, you can minimize the stress of moving to a new country.

How many times have you scrolled through articles and social media posts filled with picture-perfect anecdotes and about moving abroad and thought, “That could be my life” or “It’s time to get out of here”? What you don’t see is the anxiety, indecisiveness, regrets, and general miscalculations and mistakes that happen behind the scenes. Moving to a new country not only takes guts, but it also takes a great amount of determination, effort, flexibility, and planning to have a successful move. First, no matter what cost of living estimate or expectations people share with you, you’re bound to incur unexpected fees or inconveniences, for example fluctuating costs of accommodation, food, recreational activities, taxes, medical expenses as well as maintaining a home. Creating a solid game plan will alleviate pre-move jitters and help you keep calm should issues arise.

Gods, Easels, and Graffiti: Asias 10 Best Art Villages

Discover Asia's most fascinating artist communities.

Walls are splashed with intricate graffiti, streets are lined with sculptures, back alleys brim with creative studios, and artists seem to be at work in every nook and around each corner. All across the continent, particular neighborhoods have become hubs for artists. Some of these communities have a history stretching back more than 500 years, while others have formed recently. From the Kolkata community that crafts Hindu gods to Seoul’s revitalized art village, Hanoi’s town of wooden idol craftsmen, and Bangkok’s canal of painters–here are 10 of Asia’s most interesting art enclaves.